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Commit 678e6700 authored by mattl's avatar mattl

updated authors

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Matt Lee
project founder
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project founder
Justin Baugh <baughj>
Clint Adams <clint>
Carlos Perilla <deepspawn>
Donald R Robertson III <donald>
Michael Sheldon <elleo>
Evan Hanson <evhan>
Nicolas Reynolds <fauno>
Corey Farwell <frewsxcv>
Bernd Gruber <grubernd>
Marius Orcsik <habarnam>
David Mignot <idflood>
Jarkko Piiroinen <jarkko>
John Sullivan <johnsu01>
Joshua Gay <josh>
Jørgen Bøhnsdalen <jurgbohn>
Mikael Nordfeldth <mmn>
Nikola Plejic <nikolaplejic>
Daniel Watkins <odd_bloke>
Rob Myers <robmyers>
Toby Inkster <tobyink>
Tony Biondo <tonyb486>
Ward Vandewege <ward>
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