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Commit 6456744b authored by clint's avatar clint

try displaying only "free artists" in the tag cloud on the main page

parent 408c11c3
......@@ -226,12 +226,15 @@ if (isset($_POST['install'])) {
PRIMARY KEY(username,session))");
$res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE VIEW Free_Scrobbles AS SELECT s.* FROM Scrobbles s INNER JOIN Track t on lower(s.artist)=lower(t.artist) and lower(s.track)=lower(t.name) where t.streamable=1");
// uncomment these to solve performance problems with getRecentScrobbles
// $res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE INDEX album_artistname_idx ON Album(artist_name)");
// $res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE INDEX scrobbles_artist_idx ON Scrobbles(artist)");
// $res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE INDEX scrobbles_time_idx ON Scrobbles(time)");
// $res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE INDEX track_artisttrack_idx ON Track(lower(artist),lower(name))");
// $res = $mdb2->exec("CREATE INDEX scrobbles_artisttrack_idx on scrobbles(lower(artist),lower(track))");
// uncomment these if you're using postgresql and want to run the software as www-data
// $res = $mdb2->exec("GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON TABLE Album, Artist, Auth, Clientcodes, Error, Invitation_Request, Invitations, Now_Playing, Places, Radio_Sessions, Scrobble_Sessions, Scrobbles, Similar_artist, Tags, Track, Users to \"www-data\"");
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ require_once('data/sanitize.php');
$aTagCloud = TagCloud::GenerateTagCloud('Scrobbles', 'artist');
$aTagCloud = TagCloud::GenerateTagCloud('Free_Scrobbles', 'artist');
if (!PEAR::isError ($aTagCloud)) {
$smarty->assign('tagcloud', $aTagCloud);
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