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Commit 6250d607 authored by clint's avatar clint

permissions on new sequences

parent 9db10b61
......@@ -307,7 +307,7 @@ if (isset($_POST['install'])) {
// uncomment these if you're using postgresql and want to run the software as www-data
// $adodb->Execute("GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON TABLE Album, Artist, Auth, Clientcodes, Delete_Request Error, Invitation_Request, Invitations, Now_Playing, Places, Radio_Sessions, Scrobble_Sessions, Scrobbles, Scrobble_Track, Similar_Artist, Tags, Track, Users, User_Relationships, User_Relationship_Flags to \"www-data\"");
// $adodb->Execute("GRANT SELECT ON Free_Scrobbles, Relationship_Flags to \"www-data\"");
// $adodb->Execute("GRANT SELECT, UPDATE ON users_uniqueid_seq, scrobble_track_id_seq, groups_id_seq to \"www-data\"");
// $adodb->Execute("GRANT SELECT, UPDATE ON users_uniqueid_seq, scrobble_track_id_seq, groups_id_seq, artist_id_seq, album_id_seq to \"www-data\"");
// Test user configuration
$adodb->Execute("INSERT INTO Users
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