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Commit 598f8294 authored by tobyink's avatar tobyink

Fix linkeddata URIs; add more RDFa to artist.tpl.

parent 8be6f9e2
......@@ -4,18 +4,25 @@
<h2 property="foaf:name" rel="foaf:page" rev="foaf:primaryTopic" resource="">{$name}</h2>
{if $bio_summary}
<div id="bio" property="bio:olb" datatype="">{$bio_summary}</div>
<ul id="albums" class="listcloud" rel="foaf:made" rev="foaf:maker">
{section name=i loop=$albums}
<li about="{$albums[i]->id}">
<dt><a href="{$albums[i]->getURL()}">
<img src="{$albums[i]->getAlbumArt()}" alt="{$albums[i]->name}" width="160" /></a></dt>
<dt><a rel="foaf:page" href="{$albums[i]->getURL()}">
<span{if $albums[i]->getAlbumArt() != '/i/qm50.png'} about="{$albums[i]->id}" rel="foaf:depiction"{/if}><img src="{$albums[i]->getAlbumArt()}" alt="{$albums[i]->name}" width="160" /></span></a></dt>
<dd>{$albums[i]->getPlayCount()} plays</dd>
<div class="cleaner">&nbsp;</div>
{include file='footer.tpl'}
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ function identifierScrobbleEvent ($username, $artist, $track, $album, $time, $mb
global $base_url;
if ($username && $artist && $track && $time)
if (!($username && $artist && $track && $time))
return null;
$microhash = substr(md5($artist . '//' . $track), 0, 4);
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