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Commit 44cc1851 authored by tobyink's avatar tobyink

Groups page seems to work, so adding it to the profile menu.

parent 9d960a7f
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@
&middot; <a{if $this_page_absolute != $me->getURL('stats')} rel="rdfs:seeAlso" href="{$me->getURL('stats')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{/if}>stats</a>
&middot; <a{if $this_page_absolute != $me->getURL('recent-tracks')} rel="rdfs:seeAlso" href="{$me->getURL('recent-tracks')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{/if}>recent tracks</a>
{if $me->journal_rss} &middot; <a{if $this_page_absolute != $me->getURL('journal')} rel="rdfs:seeAlso" href="{$me->getURL('journal')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{/if}>journal</a>{/if}
&middot; <a{if $this_page_absolute != $me->getURL('groups')} rel="rdfs:seeAlso" href="{$me->getURL('groups')|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}"{/if}>groups</a>
<hr style="border: 1px solid transparent; clear: both;" rel="foaf:page" rev="foaf:primaryTopic" resource="" />
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