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phpdoc instructions

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How to install phpdoc and generate api docs gnu-fm (on Debian Squeeze)
1. Install dependencies and phpDocumentor-alpha:
# aptitude install php-pear php5-xsl
# pear channel-discover
# pear install phpdoc/phpDocumentor-alpha
for other ways to install, see
2. Create dir which will be holding the docs, and generate docs:
cd /path/to/gnu-fm/nixtape
mkdir docs
phpdoc -d 2.0/ -t docs/
The docs can now be found at http://mynixtapedomain.tld/docs/
Add something similar to this to your crontab to keep the docs up-to-date:
0 0 * * * phpdoc -q -d /path/to/gnu-fm/nixtape/2.0/ -t /path/to/gnu-fm/nixtape/docs
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