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<h1>Who runs Libre.fm?</h1>

<p>Libre.fm is run by FooCorp, headed up by Matt Lee. There are many
programmers of the Libre.fm website too, including Clint Adams,
Michael Sheldon, Jorgen Bohnsdalen, Toby Inkster, Daniel Watkins, Tony
Biondo, Carlos Perilla, John Sullivan, Evan Hanson, Nicolas Reynolds,
Corey Farwell, Bernd Gruber, Marius Orcsik, David Mignot, Jarkko
Piiroinen, Mikael Nordfeldth, Nikola Plejic, Rob Myers and Ward

<p>The programmers work with FooCorp to produce the software that
powers the site. This software is free software, or software libre
&mdash; implying that the software is free in the sense of freedom,
not price. This allows you to set up and run your own website, rather
than use Libre.fm if you'd prefer. One reason you might want to do
this, is for your own privacy.</p>

<p>If you have any questions for Matt Lee, you can send them to him
directly, at <a href="mailto:mattl@libre.fm">mattl@libre.fm</a>,
alternatively, you can write to us for support and feedback
at <a href="mailto:support@libre.fm">support@libre.fm</a>.</p>

<p>If you think you've found a bug in our website software, you can
send an email directly to the programmers, who will look into the
problem and try and fix it. Their address
is <a href="mailto:bugs@libre.fm">bugs@libre.fm</a>.</p>