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Commit 0ad5fe01 authored by Nicolas Petton's avatar Nicolas Petton

* etc/AUTHORS: Update the AUTHORS file

parent dd3f5678
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ Adrian Robert: co-wrote ns-win.el
and changed nsterm.m nsfns.m nsfont.m nsterm.h nsmenu.m configure.ac
src/Makefile.in macos.texi README config.in emacs.c font.c keyboard.c
nsgui.h nsimage.m xdisp.c image.c lib-src/Makefile.in lisp.h menu.c
Makefile.in and 79 other files
Makefile.in and 78 other files
Agustín Martín: changed ispell.el flyspell.el fixit.texi
......@@ -366,6 +366,8 @@ and changed org.el org-agenda.el org.texi ox-html.el org-clock.el
Ben A. Mesander: co-wrote erc-dcc.el
Ben Bacarisse: changed nnmh.el
Ben Harris: changed configure.ac
Ben Key: changed w32.c w32fns.c w32menu.c configure.bat INSTALL
......@@ -425,7 +427,7 @@ and changed mh-customize.el mh-search.el mh-alias.el Makefile mh-e.texi
mh-identity.el README mh-speed.el mh-init.el mh-acros.el mh-gnus.el
mh-unit.el mh-inc.el mh-xemacs-compat.el mh-print.el lisp/Makefile.in
image.el mh-tool-bar.el mh-xemacs.el display.texi makefile.w32-in
and 86 other files
and 84 other files
Bjorn Solberg: changed nnimap.el
......@@ -1056,7 +1058,7 @@ Diane Murray: changed erc.el erc-backend.el erc-menu.el erc-button.el
erc-track.el erc-match.el erc-nets.el erc-list.el erc-autoaway.el
erc-capab.el erc-nickserv.el erc-stamp.el erc-compat.el erc-fill.el
erc-goodies.el erc-ibuffer.el erc-log.el erc-nicklist.el url-http.el
Makefile erc-dcc.el and 37 other files
Makefile erc-dcc.el and 36 other files
Didier Verna: wrote gnus-diary.el nndiary.el
and co-wrote nnml.el
......@@ -1172,7 +1174,7 @@ Eli Zaretskii: wrote [bidirectional display in xdisp.c]
and changed xdisp.c msdos.c w32.c w32fns.c fileio.c files.el simple.el
display.texi dispnew.c w32proc.c sed1v2.inp src/makefile.w32-in
config.bat emacs.c msdos.h dispextern.h term.c process.c
src/Makefile.in info.el mainmake.v2 and 801 other files
src/Makefile.in info.el mainmake.v2 and 802 other files
Elias Oltmanns: changed tls.el gnus-agent.el gnus-cite.el gnus-int.el
gnus-srvr.el gnus.el nnimap.el
......@@ -1491,7 +1493,7 @@ Gerd Möllmann: wrote authors.el ebrowse.el jit-lock.el rx.el tooltip.el
and changed xdisp.c xterm.c dispnew.c dispextern.h xfns.c xfaces.c
window.c keyboard.c lisp.h faces.el alloc.c buffer.c startup.el xterm.h
fns.c simple.el term.c configure.ac frame.c xmenu.c emacs.c
and 613 other files
and 612 other files
Gergely Nagy: changed erc.el
......@@ -1850,7 +1852,7 @@ Jason Rumney: wrote w32-vars.el
and changed w32fns.c w32term.c w32font.c w32menu.c w32-win.el w32term.h
w32.c w32uniscribe.c src/makefile.w32-in w32-fns.el makefile.nt
w32console.c w32bdf.c lib-src/makefile.w32-in configure.bat keyboard.c
w32proc.c w32select.c font.c image.c w32font.h and 166 other files
w32proc.c w32select.c font.c image.c w32font.h and 165 other files
Jason S. Cornez: changed keyboard.c
......@@ -1947,7 +1949,7 @@ Jim Kingdon: changed emacs.texi emacsclient.c functions.texi hp300bsd.h
Jim Meyering: changed lread.c make-docfile.c w32.c w32font.c copyright.el
ebrowse.c emacs.c nsfont.m pop.c term.c xfaces.c xselect.c xterm.c
alloc.c artist.el autoinsert.el buffer.h callproc.c character.h
charset.c configure and 56 other files
charset.c configure and 55 other files
Jim Paris: changed process.c
......@@ -2034,7 +2036,7 @@ John Anthony: changed inf-lisp.el ruby-mode.el text-mode.el
John Basrai: changed man.el
John F. Carr: changed dired.c
John F. Carr: changed dired.c fontset.c
John F. Whitehead: changed mule-cmds.el mule-diag.el
......@@ -2148,10 +2150,10 @@ Josh Elsasser: changed configure.ac
Josh Feinstein: changed erc-join.el erc.el
Josh Huber: changed mml-sec.el mml.el message.el gnus-msg.el mml2015.el
nnmail.el ChangeLog ChangeLog.1 gnus-cite.el gnus-delay.el gnus-spec.el
mml1991.el nnultimate.el nnwfm.el gnus-cus.el gnus-smiley.el
gnus-start.el gnus-topic.el gnus.el nnbabyl.el nndiary.el
and 8 other files
nnmail.el gnus-cite.el gnus-delay.el gnus-spec.el mml1991.el
nnultimate.el nnwfm.el gnus-cus.el gnus-smiley.el gnus-start.el
gnus-topic.el gnus.el nnbabyl.el nndiary.el nnfolder.el nnimap.el
and 6 other files
Joshua Varner: changed intro.texi
......@@ -2173,7 +2175,7 @@ Juanma Barranquero: wrote emacs-lock.el frameset.el
and changed src/makefile.w32-in subr.el desktop.el config.nt w32fns.c
lib-src/makefile.w32-in server.el emacsclient.c files.el simple.el
bs.el faces.el help-fns.el org.el w32term.c xdisp.c buffer.c keyboard.c
w32.c ido.el makefile.w32-in and 1129 other files
w32.c ido.el makefile.w32-in and 1128 other files
Juergen Kreileder: changed imap.el nnimap.el
......@@ -2668,7 +2670,7 @@ and changed erc.el erc-dcc.el erc-speak.el Makefile erc-bbdb.el
erc-complete.el erc-pcomplete.el erc-chess.el erc-list.el battery.el
erc-match.el erc-autojoin.el erc-nets.el erc-nickserv.el erc-ring.el
artist.el cpp-root.el db-el.el db-global.el db-javascript.el db.el
and 25 other files
and 26 other files
Mark A. Hershberger: changed xml.el nnrss.el mm-url.el cperl-mode.el
isearch.el vc-bzr.el NXML-NEWS cc-mode.texi compilation.txt ede.texi
......@@ -2767,7 +2769,7 @@ Martin Pohlack: changed iimage.el pc-select.el
Martin Rudalics: changed window.el window.c windows.texi frame.c xdisp.c
help.el w32term.c xterm.c buffer.c w32fns.c cus-start.el dired.el
frame.el window.h frames.texi files.el mouse.el subr.el xfns.c
buffers.texi cus-edit.el and 166 other files
buffers.texi cus-edit.el and 167 other files
Martin Stjernholm: wrote cc-bytecomp.el
and co-wrote cc-align.el cc-cmds.el cc-compat.el cc-defs.el cc-engine.el
......@@ -2934,7 +2936,7 @@ Michael Olson: changed erc.el erc-backend.el Makefile erc-track.el
erc-log.el erc-stamp.el erc-autoaway.el erc-dcc.el erc-goodies.el
erc-list.el erc-compat.el erc-identd.el erc.texi ERC-NEWS erc-bbdb.el
erc-match.el erc-notify.el erc-ibuffer.el erc-services.el remember.el
erc-button.el and 63 other files
erc-button.el and 57 other files
Michael Piotrowski: changed gnus-art.el gnus-sum.el ps-print.el
......@@ -3504,7 +3506,7 @@ Reiner Steib: wrote gmm-utils.el gnus-news.el
and changed message.el gnus.texi gnus-art.el gnus-sum.el gnus-group.el
gnus.el mml.el gnus-faq.texi mm-util.el gnus-score.el message.texi
gnus-msg.el gnus-start.el gnus-util.el spam-report.el mm-uu.el spam.el
mm-decode.el files.el gnus-agent.el nnmail.el and 176 other files
mm-decode.el files.el gnus-agent.el nnmail.el and 175 other files
Remek Trzaska: changed gnus-ems.el
......@@ -3821,7 +3823,7 @@ and changed gnus-art.el message.el gnus-sum.el gnus-msg.el gnus.el
gnus-agent.el mm-decode.el mm-util.el gnus-group.el mml.el
gnus-start.el gnus-util.el mm-view.el nnslashdot.el nnmail.el nntp.el
gnus-topic.el gnus-xmas.el rfc2047.el mail-source.el gnus-win.el
and 95 other files
and 93 other files
Shigeru Fukaya: wrote bytecomp-tests.el
and changed apropos.el byte-opt.el bytecomp.el elint.el rx-new.el ses.el
......@@ -3903,7 +3905,7 @@ and co-wrote font-lock.el
and changed subr.el simple.el lisp.h keyboard.c files.el vc.el
bytecomp.el xdisp.c alloc.c eval.c cl-macs.el progmodes/compile.el
keymap.c pcvs.el sh-script.el newcomment.el tex-mode.el buffer.c
vc-hooks.el window.c lread.c and 1211 other files
vc-hooks.el window.c lread.c and 1210 other files
Stefan Reichör: changed gnus-agent.el
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