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Commit 447df7b1 authored by Karl Goetz's avatar Karl Goetz

Remove the workaround for debian-linux-libre-debs. I've moved

~kgoetz/pool to /data/userpools so its no longer needed. This also frees
up another 1.7gb of space on /.
parent 436897c1
......@@ -412,8 +412,7 @@ done
echo "Delete anything thats not a package"
for repository in $stagingDir/gnewsense{,-security} ; do
# Dirty hack: exclude debian-linux-libre-debs. That's currently a symlink because /home is short on space.
find $repository/pool ! -type d ! -name \*.deb ! -name \*.udeb ! -name \*.tar.gz ! -name \*.tar.bz2 ! -name \*.dsc ! -name \*.diff.gz ! -name \*debian-linux-libre-debs -exec rm -f '{}' +
find $repository/pool ! -type d ! -name \*.deb ! -name \*.udeb ! -name \*.tar.gz ! -name \*.tar.bz2 ! -name \*.dsc ! -name \*.diff.gz -exec rm -f '{}' +
echo "Delete any empty directories"
......@@ -423,8 +422,7 @@ done
echo "Delete old symlinks, then create new ones"
# kill all the old symlinks because they get in the way.
# Exclude debian-linux-libre-debs (see above).
find $stagingDir/ -type l ! -name \*debian-linux-libre-debs -exec rm {} +
find $stagingDir/ -type l -exec rm {} +
# I should do these in the top loop if possible, but we'll worry about it later.
cd $stagingMirror/dists
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