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Commit 00c6de8a authored by Sam Geeraerts's avatar Sam Geeraerts

Building kdelibs doesn't work, so stop trying.

parent c93fdbaa
......@@ -371,7 +371,8 @@ while [ $REDO -eq 1 ]; do # If versions in the config change, we could need to r
ensure_updated kdebase kdebase $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kdebase $KDEBASE_VERSION
ensure_updated kdelibs kdelibs $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kdelibs $KDELIBS_VERSION
# kdelibs doesn't build (g++ "internal error", see logs 2012-12-31).
#ensure_updated kdelibs kdelibs $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kdelibs $KDELIBS_VERSION
ensure_updated kde4libs kde4libs $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kde4libs $KDE4LIBS_VERSION
# ensure_updated kubuntu-default-settings k$DISTRONAME_L-default-settings $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kdefault-settings $KDEFAULT_SETTINGS_VERSION
# ensure_updated kubuntu-meta k$DISTRONAME_L-desktop $RELEASE$distro_release ./gen-kmeta $KMETA_VERSION
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