Commit 60ccb97a authored by Sam Geeraerts's avatar Sam Geeraerts

Remove dependencies that don't exist in Debian

parents ea3e0a42 8b1e56b0
......@@ -91,16 +91,16 @@ LOGO_COLOUR=green # Don't choose black or yellow
# Changes to be made to the ubuntu-minimal etc. and packages
META_standard_ADD="emacs nethack bsdgames build-essential"
META_desktop_ADD="gnewsense-artwork gnewsense-gdm-themes epiphany-browser usplash-theme-gnewsense discover read-edid"
META_desktop_ADD="gnewsense-artwork gnewsense-gdm-themes epiphany-browser usplash-theme-gnewsense discover read-edid"
META_desktop_ADD="${META_desktop_ADD} gthumb gnote aspell-en gnewsense-external"
META_standard_REMOVE="popularity-contest friendly-recovery"
META_desktop_REMOVE="ubuntu-docs ubuntu-artwork apport-gtk hwtest-gtk usplash-theme-ubuntu ubuntu-gdm-themes"
META_desktop_REMOVE="${META_desktop_REMOVE} firefox ubufox firefox-gnome-support jockey-gtk app-install-data-commercial"
META_desktop_REMOVE="${META_desktop_REMOVE} tomboy f-spot ubuntu-sounds"
META_desktop_REMOVE="${META_desktop_REMOVE} firefox"
META_desktop_REMOVE="${META_desktop_REMOVE} tomboy f-spot"
# Packages to install on the live cd not pulled in by META_* changes
LIVECD_EXTRAS="ubiquity xresprobe binutils-static gvfs-fuse gparted jfsutils ntfsprogs xfsprogs vim"
LIVECD_EXTRAS="xresprobe gvfs-fuse jfsutils ntfsprogs xfsprogs vim"
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ FIREFOX_NAME=BurningDog
# Extra packages to install in the chroot
CHROOT_EXTRA_PACKAGES="cdbs python-dev python-distutils-extra python-central libusplash-dev ccache"
CHROOT_EXTRA_PACKAGES="cdbs python-dev python-distutils-extra python-central ccache"
# Set it to 1 if you want to use ccache in the chrooted environment.
# ccache is turned off by default because it is useful only for development
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