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Commit 936fc76b authored by Mike Sheldon's avatar Mike Sheldon

Override search box in theme to avoid extra heading from gnufm templates

parent 60ae7f57
<div id='search'>
<form action='/search.php' method='get'>
<p><input name='search_term' type='text' size="10" value='{$search_term|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}'/>
<select name='search_type'>
<option value='artist' {if $search_type == 'artist'}selected{/if}>{t}Artist{/t}</option>
<option value='user' {if $search_type == 'user'}selected{/if}>{t}User{/t}</option>
<option value='tag' {if $search_type == 'tag'}selected{/if}>{t}Tag{/t}</option>
<input type='submit' value='{t}Search{/t}' id='search_button' /></p>
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