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Commit 3d92c749 authored by elleo's avatar elleo

Merge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:~Elleo/foocorp/elleos-librefm

parents 284a8b9c 53af2922
{if $flattr_uid}
<div class="flattr" style="padding-left: 2em;">
<a class="FlattrButton" style="display:none;"
title="{$track->artist_name|escape:'htmlall'} - {$track->name|escape:'htmlall'}"
rev="flattr;uid:{$flattr_uid|escape:'htmlall'};category:audio;tags:music,creative commons,free,libre.fm;"
href="{$url}">{$track->artist_name|escape:'htmlall'} is making {$track->name|escape:'htmlall'} freely available on Libre.fm for you to listen to, share and remix however you like.</a>
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