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Commit 163ed411 authored by elleo's avatar elleo

Remove old recommended radio template (included in the user-station template now)

parent 77865f5c
{include file='header.tpl'}
<div id='player-container' style='float: none; text-align: center;'>
<h4>{t user=$me->name|capitalize}%1's Recommended Radio{/t}</h4><br />
{include file='player.tpl'}
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {ldelim}
{if isset($this_user)}
playerInit(false, "{$this_user->getScrobbleSession()}", "{$this_user->getWebServiceSession()}", "{$radio_session}");
playerInit(false, false, false, "{$radio_session}");
{include file='footer.tpl'}
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