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Commit 00ae6d5f authored by elleo's avatar elleo

Add Albanian to the language selector

parent 78aed676
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
<option {if $lang_selector_array.nl_NL}selected="selected"{/if} value='nl_NL'>Nederlands</option>
<option {if $lang_selector_array.pt_BR}selected="selected"{/if} value='pt_BR'>Português Brasileiro</option>
<option {if $lang_selector_array.ru_RU}selected="selected"{/if} value='ru_RU'>Pусский язык</option>
<option {if $lang_selector_array.sq_AL}selected="selected"{/if} value='sq_AL'>Shqip</option>
<option {if $lang_selector_array.sl_SI}selected="selected"{/if} value='sl_SI'>Slovenščina</option>
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