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added createGroup script

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#!/usr/bin/env php
* BoloTweet 2.0
* @author Alvaro Ortego <alvorteg@ucm.es>
define('INSTALLDIR', realpath(dirname(__FILE__) . '/..'));
$shortoptions = 'n:g:';
$longoptions = array('nickname=', 'group=');
$helptext = <<<END_OF_USERROLE_HELP
createGroup.php [options]
Create a group and admin.
-n --nickname nickname of the user to vincule (admin)
-g --group Nickname or alias of group
require_once INSTALLDIR . '/scripts/commandline.inc';
// Cogemos usuario de parámetro
if (have_option('n', 'nickname')) {
$nickOpt = get_option_value('n', 'nickname');
$user = User::getKV('nickname', $nickOpt);
if (empty($user)) {
print "Can't find user with nickname '$nickOpt'\n";
$profile = $user->getProfile();
if (empty($profile)) {
print "User has no profile\n";
} else {
print "You must provide a nickname.\n";
// Cogemos nick de grupo de parámetro
if (have_option('g', 'group')) {
$gnick = get_option_value('g', 'group');
} else {
print "You must provide the nickname of the group.\n";
// Comprobamos que el nick del grupo sea válido
try {
$nickname = Nickname::normalize($gnick);
/*if (!User_group::allowedNickname($nickname)) {
print "Nick de grupo no válido.\n";
} catch (NicknameException $e) {
print "Nick de grupo no válido.\n";
// Comprobamos si ese nick de grupo existe.
$local = Local_group::getKV('nickname', $nickname);
$alias = Group_alias::getKV('alias', $nickname);
if (!empty($alias) || !empty($local)) {
print "Nick de grupo en uso, elige otro nombre de grupo.\n";
// Si hemos llegado aquí es que el usuario y el nick del grupo son válidos.
$force_scope = 1;
$join_policy = User_group::JOIN_POLICY_MODERATE;
User_group::register(array('nickname' => $nickname,
'userid' => $profile->id,
'join_policy' => $join_policy,
'force_scope' => $force_scope,
'local' => true));
print "Registrado grupo '$nickname'.\n";
print "Vinculado usuario '$profile->nickname' con grupo '$nickname'.\n";
\ No newline at end of file
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