Commit 4ac75f27 authored by Bob Mottram's avatar Bob Mottram

Don't need site path

parent 1307710b
......@@ -94,9 +94,6 @@ echo "addPlugin('StoreRemoteMedia');" >> $CONFIG_FILE
echo "\$config['queue']['enabled'] = true;" >> $CONFIG_FILE
echo "\$config['queue']['daemon'] = true;" >> $CONFIG_FILE
# site path
sed -i "s|\$config\['site'\]\['path'\].*|\$config\['site'\]\['path'\] = '/etc/share/${APP}';|g" $CONFIG_FILE
# better performance
sed -i "s|\\\\$config['db']['schemacheck'].*|\$config['db']['schemacheck'] = 'script';|g" $CONFIG_FILE
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