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<p>In both cases you have a text box to type a message. Click inside it, type a notice, then click <i>Send</i> to publish it to your followers.</p>
{HEADING:SUBSECTION:repeat_reply:Favouriting, Repeating and Replying}
{HEADING:SECTION:repeat_reply:Favouriting, Repeating and Replying}
<p>After you have followed a few of your friends and interesting people on the network you will see their posts on your "HOME" newsfeed. Below each post are some icons that allow you to interact with the notice and/or the original poster.</p>
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<p>Clicking on the <img src="{RES:recycle.gif}"> will repeat the notice so that it will be shared to your own list of followers, and as such probably implies another more explicit favour to the original post.</p>
{HEADING:SUBSECTION:groups_tags:Hashtags, Mentions and Groups}
{HEADING:SECTION:groups_tags:Hashtags, Mentions and Groups}
<p>In addition to the above methods to interact with followers network, GNU social also supports features you will find familiar with other social networks. You can mention someone else in a post by using the '@' prefix. This example shows how to mention someone, and how the post will look after you post it.<p>
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