Commit 217ad420 authored by Brion Vibber's avatar Brion Vibber

Fix ticket #2208: regression in XMPP sending when server != host

The upstream class sets $this->basejid with host unconditionally, which wasn't previously an issue as the fulljid would always be filled in by the server at connect time before sending messages. With the new queued messaging, we need to make sure we've filled out $this->fulljid correctly without making a connection.
Now using $server if provided to build $this->basejid and $this->fulljid in the queued XMPP proxy class, so queued messages are sent correctly.
parent a77efb24
......@@ -49,10 +49,20 @@ class Queued_XMPP extends XMPPHP_XMPP
public function __construct($host, $port, $user, $password, $resource, $server = null, $printlog = false, $loglevel = null)
parent::__construct($host, $port, $user, $password, $resource, $server, $printlog, $loglevel);
// Normally the fulljid isn't filled out until resource binding time;
// we need to save it here since we're not talking to a real server.
$this->fulljid = "{$this->basejid}/{$this->resource}";
parent::__construct($host, $port, $user, $password, $resource, $server, $printlog, $loglevel);
// We use $host to connect, but $server to build JIDs if specified.
// This seems to fix an upstream bug where $host was used to build
// $this->basejid, never seen since it isn't actually used in the base
// classes.
if (!$server) {
$server = $this->host;
$this->basejid = $this->user . '@' . $server;
// Normally the fulljid is filled out by the server at resource binding
// time, but we need to do it since we're not talking to a real server.
$this->fulljid = "{$this->basejid}/{$this->resource}";
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